Meet Our Team

  • Yogesh Singh

    Yogeysh Singh

    Founder & CEO, Workx

    Yogeysh Singh is an experienced & Certified HR & OD Consultant with experience across various industries. He has trained over a thousand HR Professionals across GCC for international affiliation bodies and is a founding member of Workx and JobGulf.

  • Dr Sathya Menon

    Dr Sathya Menon

    CEO & Executive Director-Academics of Blue Ocean Academy

    Dr. Menon holds 27 years of experience in the field of logistics, supply chain management and purchasing. He has received the coveted CEO of the Year award at the Middle East Training and Development Leadership conference held in Dubai.

  • Abdul Azeez

    Abdul Azeez

    Managing Director, Blue Ocean Academy.

    A visionary and seasoned entrepreneur, Mr. Azeez laid the foundation of Blue Ocean Group 20 years back in the UAE. Under his leadership and vision Blue Ocean Group is growing by leaps and bounds.

  • Dymphia Flanagan

    Dymphia Flanagan

    Manager -Recruitment Services.
    Dymphia has more than 20 years of experience in Human Capital/Recruitment, specializing in talent and

    organizational development

    . Prior to joining Workx, Dymphia was associated with one of the leading Recruitment Service providers in the Middle East.
  • Avijit Gupta

    Avijit Gupta

    Sr.Web Developer
    Avijit has a


    more than 6 years of experience in Web Development with multiple clients from all across the globe. Prior to joining Workx, Avijit was associated with one of the leading Banking Service providers in the Middle East.
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