Workx offers an array of services to the employers thereby making recruitment easier like never before.

Executive search

Our in-depth knowledge of the market coupled with the expertise in human resource management enables us to find the most suitable candidates for the positions at your organization. We conduct detailed interviews and background checks to pick the finest candidates who can perform your job responsibilities with utmost perfection. Be it a top-level or an entry-level position that demands specific skills, we will give you the best.

Hiring desk

Hiring Desk solves the number one issue between a recruiter and client i.e. communication gap. This expedites the feedback process by great deal and reduces the turn around time. We deploy dedicated recruiters to work out of the client’s office without an extra cost.

CXO hiring

Only great leaders can nurture an eminent team. Hiring people for the top-level positions is often a hard nut to crack. Even a trivial mistake can have a big impact on your business. So, never settle for less. Our CXO hiring services intend to choose the highly-experienced and skilled professionals to be on the apex-level. Our CXO Hiring model ensures Quality, Confidentiality and Collaborative Communication.


Startup is all about vision and passion. We understand startups like no one else and save up to 80% of your time on ideas and things that are strategically important. You should focus on more important goals, like making a dent in the universe!

Executive assessments

The war of Talent is on but are we equipped to identify the right talent? Fortunately, there is a lot of research available on hiring tools. Along with Structured interviews, well written Job descriptions, asking for Work samples, there are a variety of Talent Assessment tools available such as Psychometric Assessments, Behavioral or Job knowledge test etc. Workx is official partner of handpicked candidate assessment systems which provide bespoke solution for your organization.

Employee verification

Research on candidate credibility is not very encouraging, more than 50% applicant were found either lying or misrepresenting the information in their resume or cvs. We cannot ignore this aspect of talent acquisition especially in a global environment. We make your job a lot easier through our verification process whereby the qualifications, experience and background of the applicants are duly verified.

HR Consulting

In the last century the importance of Human capital for an organization is consistently rising. In 21st century HR will play the most important strategic role in an organization. The focus of all modern and traditional organizations is very clear- to capitalize and optimize human potential. Workx uncovers that capital for you with our strategically planned talent management services and innovative HR consulting model.

Organizational development consulting

Profit doesn’t come out of the blue. It is the result of deliberate efforts to improve all aspects of the organization and having strategies that go hand in hand with your vision. Organizational development consulting service involves the HR professionals working with your management to transform your business for the better. The first step of the process is an Organizational Diagnosis in which we find gaps in your current strategies. Then, we create right organization development interventions in which we learn every detail of your business and develop the right solution, so you achieve your business goals.

Organization culture development

Organization Culture will always be the real control system for an organization. Unfortunately, most of the organizations have an accidental Culture not conscious. Workx helps you to carefully craft the right culture wherein all your employees follow and believe in a set of values and work towards one common goal. Implementing the new culture and sustaining it also requires meticulous care as all employees have to embrace it without reluctance.

HR audit

HR audit is very different audit which evaluates your HR strategy, style, systems and skills. We have in house team of six sigma, HR and process excellence professionals who can help you in auditing all your HR processes in light of your organizational strategies. The organizational structure, management style, skills of your HR professionals, HR systems, compliance, HR policies to the UAE laws and human capability development systems are some of the important areas of consideration. After conducting a detailed analysis, you will get a score and feedback. The next step is creating a roadmap for the future with the optimum performance of the HR department.

Performance management

Do you think only dynamic leaders and appraisals can sustain high-performance levels in the employees? Well, it is possible only if you institutionalize the performance in an organization. Interestingly, the HR Leadership Council research says that it is not the monetary or non-monetary benefits that motivate our people but it is a good Performance Management System. We will create a customized and transparent performance management system that can boost the performance levels of all employees. We have extensive experience in creating bespoke performance management systems across different industries for the evolution of organizations.

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